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A professional paint job requires painters that have a wealth of experience and expertise in our field, working only with the finest materials the industry has to offer. PAINTPROS.PAINTPROS.INC uses 100% acrylic paints for all coatings and specialty finishes of sherwin williams company, In addition the paints we use are manufactured within Florida, formulated to resist the elements native to the “Sunshine State.”


Painting your roof offers multiple benefits aside from it looking better. The product that we use called Kool Seal the sherwin williams company can be tinted to any color and is known to reduce the energy consumption of a house. White paint is known to reflect the sun’s rays which lowers heat absorption, kool seal will provide this benefit no matter the color.


By having them cleaned by a professional, you can reduce the potential for rotting and increase the strength of your roof. In addition, a thorough pressure cleaning will often reduce your energy bills. Since mold growth tends to lead to a darkening of your roof, it naturally attracts heat from the sun. This can be especially problematic in south Florida where there is an abundance of sunshine and heat. By having your roof effectively cleaned by a professional, you can remove those dark areas and maximize energy efficiency


Consider this, when you drive down the street in a residential area one of the main architectural features you see on each home is the garage door. They are mostly white or painted the color of the house."To have your garage door look like the richness of a real wood door enhances the value and appeal of your entire home and wins the admiration of the whole neighborhood."


Most homeowners agree that one easy and quick way to update or refresh a home is to paint a few rooms or the entire property. Painting produces an immediate change, whether a child’s bedroom is painted or if you want to change the color of the whole interior. Painting the interior of your home also adds other value besides having a different color. A fresh coat of paint inside can boost morale and help keep the family healthy. Painting the exterior adds curb appeal, which is a valuable addition.


It’s possible that your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos, which can cause serious health issues if you disturb the particles. Any popcorn ceilings that predate 1978 likely contain asbestos. Because you may not be able to determine the exact date on which your popcorn ceiling was installed in your home, you should assume that it contains asbestos. Even popcorn ceilings installed into the 1980s contained asbestos. Once the fibers become airborne, it’s possible to breathe them into the lungs, which can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis. If you decide to remove a popcorn ceiling, test the materials for lead prior to proceeding with the work. If testing indicates asbestos, hire PAINTPROS.PAINTPROS.INC to remove the popcorn ceiling from your home.


The basic baseboard trim style is a straight cut plank of wood. These can be procured in lengths of sixteen to twenty feet and in varying widths. If you prefer a natural wood with no embellishment, natural pine, oak or other woods are there. These can be either stained or painted to the job specs or customer preferences. Any staining should be done and left to dry completely before installation is attempted. For those occasions when the baseboard trim needs paint, the material has to be primed first. Wood is very absorbent and the pores in the wood will just suck up the paint otherwise. Again, priming and/or painting needs to be done prior to installation. Allow ample time for the paint to dry, too. It is no fun working with tacky baseboard material.


Moldings are probably the most original decorations you can use to spice up your ceilings. They can be made of many materials and feature very original designs so it’s easy to make your ceilings unique. They can be used as for classic as for modern interiors. Ceiling moldings can be made by hand but there are also plenty of them you can buy pre-made. Having a small house will likely to also give you a low ceiling in the house. But this does not mean that you have to put up with the bad designed house. You can actually make the ceiling to be more beautiful by using the crown molding ideas. There are many figures that you can print on the ceiling using the molding.. For the more eccentric look for the low ceiling, the minimalist design should be chosen for this. You may need to make the geometry figures on the ceiling with the crown molding. This is pretty easy as the figures will not be too complicated. But the thing is that you will still need to think about the whole crown molding ideas to make the combination of those figures to be suitable.


Removing wallpaper is a messy, time-consuming and tedious job. There are several options, including steaming or spraying with chemicals, but you'll have to decide which one will work best for you and your wallpaper. "It's not that difficult. But it takes a lot of patience, and there's an art to stripping wallpaper."Which method you use to take down the wallpaper will often depend on the product. Some wallpapers can be stripped dry, while others will need a removal solution. And then, any damage to the wall will depend on how the wallpaper was installed."Every job is different," johnny says. "It all stems from what the contractor did before." For example, if the wall wasn't sealed with a primer before the wallpaper was put up, removing the wallpaper can cause some damage to the wall's texture or the drywall.Instead, johnny like to use a concentrated remover solution that is mixed with water. The solution dissolves the adhesive wallpaper backing, making it easy to take off. Before starting, call to PAINTPROS.PAINTPROS.INC


Wood offers a rich, warm welcome to any home. A good house stain not only beautifies your home's exterior, it preserves and protects exterior wood from nature's harshest elements. But stain is not just for siding and trim. Today, Sherwin-Williams makes a full line of stains for just about every surface. Ask Sherwin-Williams for the best way to add lasting beauty and durable protection to the wood surfaces found on the exterior & interior of your home. Woods capes® exterior & interior house stains are specially formulated to maximize performance on surfaces such as siding and trim. Our line of Super Deck® products helps you enhance the appearance of your deck and add years of enjoyment to the life of your outdoor living spaces.


If you own a deck, you know just how important it is to maintain it throughout the years so that it can always look its best. One of those steps is to re-stain and seal your deck every 3-4 years. This can help to protect the wood from moisture that may otherwise lead to the deck needing to be replaced entirely. Staining is also one of the fastest ways to improve your deck's appearance—next only to power washing. It is far too easy to damage the deck by zealously power washing it, applying a stain to wood that is or already rotten, or applying a stain before deck is dry. Mistakes like these are easy to make and can take a project from improving your deck to ruining it.If you think it may be time to stain, paint, or finish your deck, we encourage you to contact PAINTPROS.PAINTPROS.INC as soon as possible. Don’t take a gamble by hiring just any , you can feel confident knowing it PAINTPROS.PAINTPROS.INC have an average of 13 years’ experience. This means we consistently deliver quality work—so much so that we guarantee our workmanship!


Painting commercial property is our main line of business at PAINTPROS.PAINTPROS.INC professional painting In our 13 years of experience we have established ourselves as the leading painting contractor on a nationwide scale. There is no commercial property that we can’t paint. It makes no difference how large the project is, we have the team in place with the experience to make everything come together just like you want it. When it is time for painting commercial property, call the PAINTPROS.PAINTPROS.INC professional painting to do the job on time and on budget. We are the team you want when you want the job done right. At PAINTPROS.PAINTPROS.INC professional painting, we can paint any commercial property type. From super-sized malls and shopping centers to smaller commercial shops and structures we can do it all. As a nationwide painter we have the ability to “right-size” our crews for the job at hand. In every case you get the finest quality available and at a very competitive price.


Before we clean and seal any hardscape, the system must be structurally sound. We will complete all necessary repairs, so that your patio, driveway or walk will be restored to its original condition. Loose, broken, sunken or raised pavers are not only unattractive, but they can also cause injury. Often, these areas indicate existing problems in the base material that must be repaired. Over time the problems will become worse and require more intensive and costly repairs. We will repair and re-grade the base then reset the pavers to a uniform and consistent grade.


What Is Knockdown Texture
Although many homeowners have more than likely seen knockdown texture, many do not know it by name. Knockdown texture is a drywall finishing style that is happy medium between a flat, smooth finish and a more extreme finish such as orange peel, or popcorn, texture (commonly found on ceilings). Although there is more than one way to apply knockdown texture, the most common method is known as a spray hopper. A joint compound is watered down into a soft mixture and then mounted on the wall in a more thick design that ranges from loose patterns to an abstract layout. As the compound dries a trowel is used to fine tune the design. The result is a wall that has a 3-D effect.
The Benefits of Knockdown Textures
Knockdown texture is a great addition for ceilings and walls in residential interiors. It is commonly applied to popcorn has been removed, but can also be used for flat, smooth surfaces as well. Knockdown textures is also commonly used on walls because of the unique effect that is displays. With knockdown textures you have multiple options. For most homeowners a medium level texture is desired. If you’re going for a more cutting edge look, however, you can get a heavy texture, or even a light texture to make a subtle statement. Ours artisans can custom design any knockdown texture in order to suite your personal taste. All colors and shades are available and we can even do patterns.


There is an additional advantage to Knockdown Textures. You will see a considerable reduction in construction and labor costs. The reason for this is that knockdown textures conceals imperfections in the walls that usually occur over time or during initial construction. Patching up the imperfections by sanding them down, filling them in, or replacing drywall can be time consuming and cost you more in labor. Knockdown textures solve that dilemma by covering up the imperfections which never have to be corrected, while give you a creative solutions that helps your walls or ceiling stand out. Go With The Pros at PAINTPROS'PAINTPROS,INC
Both home and business owners alike choose PAINTPROS'PAINTPROS,INC for all their Fort Lauderdale painting contractor and home improvement projects. The main for this is that we truly care about each of our clients and work hard to achieve your absolute satisfaction. We pay attention to every detail from the first meeting to project completion. We work closely with each of our clients in order to insure that the finished product is exactly what you wanted. You’ll appreciate our efficient service, work of the highest quality, and competitive rates. Call us today and see why we are Southeast Florida’s #1 painting resource!


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